Bihar Rural Roads Development Agency - (BRRDA)

Bihar rural roads development agency is a part of the Rural works department, under govt. of Bihar. For the implementation of the programme in the state of Bihar, ‘Bihar Rural Roads Development Agency (BRRDA) was formed on 12-12-2003 under the Society Registration Act, 1860, to provide technical and managerial support to the programme through advice on technical specifications, detailed project report preparation, project appraisal, fund flow and execution,engagement of Quality Control Monitors, management of monitoring systems and submission of periodic reports to the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India as well as the Government of Bihar. This Agency is a compact,professional and multidisciplinary body under direct administrative control of Rural Works Department, Govt. of Bihar. It has a separate office which is well-equipped with communication and necessary facilities. BRRDA has an independent and senior-ranking Additional Chief Executive Officer to over see the working of the Agency.

          It focuses on timely accounting and audit of the connectivity programmes. It has an IT Nodal Officer to monitor the updation and accuracy of the data on the central online platform known as OMMAS (Online Management, Monitoring and Accounting System) as well as the state MIS (Management Information System). It has a Superintending Engineer-rank officer to function as State Quality Coordinator (SQC) to coordinate the satisfactory functioning of Quality Management activity within the BRRDA.

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